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Reedwrangler Innovative Bagpipe Accessories LLC

Drone Cartridge Moisture Control System Empirical Testing


The “Moisture Control Test” was performed by setting up highland bagpipes with a Drone Cartridge on (1) tenor drone, (1) chamber of the “other moisture control device” on the other tenor drone, and nothing on the bass drone. The moisture absorbing ground clay in each device was thoroughly dried and cooled within an hour of beginning the test. The pipes used a zipper bag and synthetic drone reeds. The chanter stock was capped off. A testing device that measured pressure and delivered warm humidified air (nearly 100% humidity) to the pipes via the blowstick stock was used to “play” the drones. The pressure of the bag was kept at a constant 1.152 PSI which is a typical blowing pressure.

Each drone was checked every 20 minutes for moisture on the inside of the stocks or condensation on the reeds. After the first 20 minutes, the bass drone (which had no moisture control device attached) developed condensation on the reed and in the drone. This drone stock was then capped off and the remainder of the test was performed using the tenors with the two moisture control devices attached.

The test was conducted in this manner for 6 hours of continuous playing. During this time, the stocks, reeds and drones stayed dry. The test was stopped after the 6 hours as it appeared that both devices were effective at removing moisture for extended periods of time.