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Reedwrangler Innovative Bagpipe Accessories LLC

The Flexible Ergonomic Bagpipe Mouthpiece AKA  "The Reedwrangler"

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This is a flexible mouthpiece that fits over any round or oval blowstick.  It is the only one of its kind on the market.  Over 10,000 have been sold worldwide and are used by beginners and professionals alike.  Check out all of the great comments at by searching “reedwrangler”.

  • Measurements:  Less than (1) inch wide and 5/16 of an inch high.  It is much flatter than a standard round mouthpiece which measures from 7/16 to 9/16 of an inch in diameter. 

  • No Air Flow restriction:  The area of the opening is much larger than a standard 5/16 inch bore and nearly as large as a 3/8 inch bore! 

  • A “Stick Biters Dream Come True!”:  Whether you bite with your front or your back teeth (or you don’t bite at all) the soft, flat surface provides a comfortable, stable platform. 

  • Maximum Flexibility:  Made of flexible FDA approved vinyl, the tip flexes in any direction, which allows the tip to stay in place, providing the most comfort possible. 

  • Fixes Mouth Seal Problems and Reduces Lip Fatigue:  The ergonomic shape helps overcome fatigue and will allow you to play longer!
  • One Size Fits All:  The mouthpiece is simply “slip fit” onto your existing round or oval mouthpiece and is easily removed for cleaning.  Shipped extra long, you cut it to fit.  As the mouthpiece increases the length of your existing mouthpiece by about 3/4 of an inch, you may need to cut off this same length from your existing mouthpiece to provide a proper fit for you. 

  • Works Great on Practice Chanters! Order two!
  • Read comments from pipers around the world on our Testimonials page and get answers to your questions on our F.A.Q. page.  Check out all of the great comments at by searching “reedwrangler”.

  • Mouthpieces are available in matte finish ONLY at this time.  Glossy finish is NOT available at this time.