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Reedwrangler Innovative Bagpipe Accessories LLC



QUESTION: How are the cartridges attached?

ANSWER: The cartridges are attached via threaded mounts that you affix to the bottom of the drones. This involves removing the stocks from your zipper bag. The threaded mounts have a durable flexible sleeve that fits over the outside of the stocks. It is very thin. The sleeve is secured with the included mounting tape and further secured when the stock is placed back into the bag and the bag clamps are tightened on the collar of the bag putting pressure against the sleeve. The cartridges then simply screw on and off the mounts. This is a very reliable, durable system designed to last the life of the pipes.

QUESTION: What type of Absorbent is used and how is it dried?

ANSWER: Dried clay is used, as it hold more moisture than other drying mediums. The clay can be dried in the microwave on the defrost setting, in a warm oven, in the sun, on the defroster vents of a car, on top of a computer monitor’s vents. Due to the large surface area of the clay that is exposed inside the bag, the need to dry the clay is actually very infrequent as it dries on its own. An extra set of absorbent charges is included as a backup.

QUESTION: The Cartridges in my bag are rubbing together. How can I fix this?

ANSWER: You have your drones cords spacing your drones farther apart than normal. You have two options: 1. You can retie your cords so that the drones are closer together or 2. You can reinstall the mounts on the drones so that rather than being centred, the bass and the outside tenor mount is pointed towards the outside. This may prevent valves (plugs) from being installed normally and may require some filing of the valve to get it to fit properly.


QUESTION: How does it stay on my mouthpiece?

ANSWER: It is cut to fit and it holds tightly against the mouthpiece where the taper widens. Its important not to cut it too short initially. Its better to try slipping it on until you get a nice snug fit with the metal tip very close to the existing mouthpiece.

QUESTION: I have an oval mouthpiece, will this work?

ANSWER: It might, depending on what type. You can make your mouthpiece more flexible for fitting it over a larger mouthpiece by putting it in near boiling water for about 30 seconds.

QUESTION: The metal tip is slipping out towards my mouth. How do I fix this?

ANSWER: Push it back in. The tip is not glued in in order to preserve flexibility and durability. If the tip continues to protrude after short periods of time, it is time to replace the mouthpiece as the mouthpiece has become fatigued with wear. You can expect to get a year on a mouthpiece with heavy playing.


QUESTION: I want to pay by check or money order. How do I do this?

ANSWER: Email me, I will send you a mailing address.

QUESTION: I live in Canada or overseas. How much will the shipping be?

ANSWER: Shipping for Ergonomic Mouthpieces will be calculated at Checkout. Overseas shipping for all other items will require I email so I can tell you what shipping will be. If you order an overseas shipment without emailing me first I will request a second payment from you for the difference in shipping costs prior to shipping.